Changing Your Weekly Grindz Subscription

Creating Your Account 

1. Create an account by clicking here. If you already have an account, login to your account here.  
2. Input your first name, last name, email associated with your order and create a password
3. Click "Create" 

Managing Your Subscription(s)

4. Once your logged in, click “Manage Subscriptions” under your "Account Details". Here you can choose your meal selections, skip a weekly order, or cancel your order

Picking Your Meal Selections 

5. Go under “Manage” and click “Upcoming Orders” 

6. Once you see your upcoming order, click "Pick Your Selections" to choose your meal selections from our menu 

Skipping a Weekly Order 

7. Go under “Manage” and click “Upcoming Orders” 

8. Once you see your upcoming order, click "Skip Order" to skip your weekly order 

Cancelling Your Grindz Subscription

9. Go under “Manage” and click “Cancel Order”. This will cancel your entire subscription (all future orders). Orders must be cancelled the Friday (prior to 11:59 PM EST) before your next order.