Driven By Passion - the Rise of Chef Joe Friday

Check out our Grindz founder and Chef Joe Friday's interview with online magazine!

Chef Joe Friday has never been a stranger to the world of culinary arts. He grew up immersed in the sounds and scents wafting from his grandfather’s kitchen, which were then passed down to his parents Debra and Joseph Friday.

His grandfather was the first African American trained chef in North Carolina. “He opened the first Italian restaurant in our hometown,” he says. Friday’s grandfather passed away when he was very young but he held on to the happy memories of cooking alongside him.

But when it came time to choose a career, Friday followed sports. He was picked up by a baseball team straight out of school.

Unfortunately he broke an ankle before even getting a chance to play. And soon Friday would be drawn back to what he knew best. The call of the kitchen came, and he answered.

"I have a lot of passion for culinary arts, foods, and culture, so cooking just came naturally.”


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